Sexuality Education Parent Notification

Dear Parents and Guardians of Da Vincians,

Da Vinci Schools acknowledge that parents/guardians are the primary sexuality educators for their child/children and we are committed to partnering with you to provide supplementary resources to support you in this role. California requires school districts to provide students with integrated, comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education at least once in middle school and once in high school. Da Vinci Schools has adopted the “Teen Talk” curriculum which includes the below core components:

  • Covers topics of sexual and reproductive anatomy, conception and fetal development, birth control, pregnancy options, STIs and HIV, gender and sexual orientation, media analysis, relationships, sexual crimes, consent, communication and decision-making
  • Establishes a foundation for understanding sexual health and common language for communicating respectfully
  • Helps students identify resources (e.g., parents/trusted adults, school personnel, healthcare providers)
  • Encourages communication with parents/trusted adults, including an interview assignment
  • Uses gender inclusive language

More info on the curriculum used can be found here:

DVS will be presenting our Sexual Health Education series for our students the weeks of Dec 6 through the 17th. Hybrid instruction utilizing both webinar and in-person presentations will be followed by question and answer sessions. The large group webinars will be interactive (polls, check-in questions) and will take advantage of Zoom’s integrated Q&A function. Questions submitted during the webinars may be answered at the end of the session, or at the following week’s in-person presentation.

Parents/guardians have the option of excluding their child from sexuality education instruction. If you do not want your child to participate in comprehensive sexual health/HIV prevention education, please do so in writing to the Principal. Students who are excused will be assigned alternate activities for the period.

Questions can be directed to the School Nurse, Emily Green at

Thank you!

Emily Green, School Nurse, RN, PhD

Fax: 310-356-3224

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