DVS Staff Thanksgiving Baskets – last 3 days!

It’s not too late to contribute to the Thanksgiving baskets we are giving to the DVS teachers, counselors, and academic coaches to say THANK YOU for all they do to teach and support our kids! There are baskets in our office, one for each staff member, and students can come drop off notes and items in their baskets tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday morning.

There is nothing that means more to school staff than words of appreciation or encouragement! Please consider handwriting a note of thanks or typing one digitally here: DVS Staff Appreciation Notes We will be printing these digital messages and including all words of appreciation in the baskets.

If you are interested and able to purchase something to show your appreciation, please consider using this list of the DVS staff’s favorite things for ideas. If you’d like to make a general contribution to be shared amongst the whole staff, you can send an e-gift card to dvsappreciation@gmail.com. Your gift will be used to purchase items for the baskets and your name will be included with the basket.

Thank you for all of the support and encouragement you give to our staff as they support your kids on their journey!

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