Week 17 is POL & EOC Week!

Next week is POL (Presentation of Learning) and EOC (End-of-Course assessment) week! All students are expected to come to school every day from Monday through Thursday, regardless of dates of scheduled presentations. School hours are the same for all students: 8:30am – 2:25pm. POL days begin on Monday, 12/16 and end on Thursday, 12/19. Please click here for the schedule for POL week: DVS week 17 schedule (S11)


The Presentation of Learning is a tradition at the Da Vinci Schools in which students prepare and deliver a formal presentation to a panel of their teachers. POLs give students the opportunity to practice their speaking and presentation skills and are a final opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of a topic. Each student will earn a letter grade for his/her POL, which will be reflected on their transcript. Students receive specific instructions for preparing their POL from their teachers, and we encourage all parents to read more about the POL expectations and guidelines in this document: DVS POL Details & Policies for Students and Families -Fall 2019

Guardians, families, and special guests are encouraged to attend their student’s POL. Please ask your child what day and time they are scheduled to give their POL, and make the necessary arrangements to come watch their presentation! DVS students work very hard on these presentations and we love for them to be both encouraged and celebrated by you and any special guests you would like to bring.  Please bring ID and check-in at the reception desk on the first floor before proceeding to the 2nd floor for the presentation. Please allow at least 15 minutes to park, check-in, and walk to the 2nd floor. Every effort will be made to run presentations on time, and we will not be able to delay presentations to wait for a parent, guardian, or special guest to arrive.

We have disabled access to Powerschool while teachers are finalizing students’ grades, and the students’ report cards will be printed and mailed home on Friday, December 20th.

Please feel free to email me at swallis@davincischools.org if you have any questions! I hope to see you all here next week!



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