Vow to Drive Sober Presentation

On Friday, October 7th, there will be a special presentation for 11th and 12th grade students on drinking and driving. The name of the presentation is Vow to Drive Sober, and here is an overview:

Cari Fonseca is the CEO/Founder of The Next Step Foundation Team Brandon, a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix, AZ. She is the mother of a son who made a poor choice 15 years ago to drink and drive at the young age of 21. That choice not only took the life of his best friend but left Brandon with a severe traumatic brain injury and completely dependent on his mom for all his needs. She and Brandon (in his wheelchair) travel to schools all over the country speaking out on the life-altering effects of drinking and driving, hoping their story will save lives!

They never charge for their presentations but rely on donations to keep their foundation going. If you are interested in making a donation to their foundation, please see the details on the flyer linked below.


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