Please be aware of “Burnbook” app

Dear DVS Families, it came to our attention over the weekend that there is a new app out called “Burnbook” that is designed to allow users to anonymously join “communities” – which they have set up for virtually all of the high schools in the geographic area of the user – and make posts anonymously. Because it is anonymous, people can join the group for any school, and write posts about people in that school, whether they attend that school or not. Of course, the site is designed to facilitate and even encourage bullying, despite their own user agreement that users must be 18 and must not engage in bullying. (It should also be noted that the posts are not truly anonymous, as someone who posted a threat in Lawndale High’s Burnbook group last week was traced and arrested by the police.)

Attached is a letter that I shared with all of our students in advisory today, and I’m asking you to speak with your kids tonight about this app specifically, and about “anonymous” online programs generally, and to be wise about what they download onto their electronic devices and thoughtful about what they post online, regardless of whether or not they believe it to be “anonymous”.

Thank you,

burnbook letter (SW)

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