Important Safety Announcement

DVS Students and Families, please be advised of the following letter from Dana Middle School to its families yesterday:

Yesterday, Monday, April 11, 2016 a female student from Dana Middle School was walking home on La Cienega near 137th St. A car was parked along the street and a number of men inside the vehicle started to tease the student and encourage her to approach the car. She did not stop, but rather proceeded home. A statement from the victim indicated that the suspects were white males wearing all black and around 6 feet tall. No further information was obtained.

Thankfully, the student made it home safely, but as always in times like this we like to revisit some very important safety procedures for those of our students that walk home or in the neighborhood. We strongly suggest that all students walk with a buddy and that routes home mainly stick to highly traveled streets. As a parent/guardian, we suggest that you review all walking routes with you children so you also know the path they take home. Further, students should always be aware of their surroundings and should refrain from wearing headphones in both ears as that limits one’s ability to be fully aware.

Most importantly, please let all your children know that if they see something, they should say something. We can always help support students in situations like these and have always worked closely with the Hawthorne Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

We ask that you take some time to review these safety procedures and if you have any information regarding this incident or come across anything in the future please let us know.

Thank you and have a great day!

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