Graduation Details for Senior Families

Hi Senior Families!

For Wednesday, 6/3: All graduating seniors are required to attend the graduation practice in the forum at 9:00am tomorrow morning. Seniors will remain on campus until 11:30am, and they will be dismissed at that time.

For Thursday, 6/4: The graduation ceremony will begin at 5:30pm at the El Segundo Performing Arts Center, which is on the campus of El Segundo High School. (The entrance is off Main Street, across from the big park). Seniors are expected to arrive at the Performing Arts Center between 4:00 and 4:30pm. It is fine if seniors choose not to attend school Thursday morning, but of course they are welcome to!

Regarding graduation tickets: Finally, and unfortunately, we do not have any extra tickets to give to families who requested more than 6. Students are welcome to ask each other if they have extras they are not using, but we will not be giving any extras out from our office.

Thank you!

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