Frequently Asked Questions

DVS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different ways that Da Vinci Science communicates with its families?

DVS is now using our new blog site at to give out schedules, information and volunteer opportunities. We also post this information through the DVS Families’ Facebook group (, which facilitates communication between families.

We call home to remind parents of expected all-family events (see list below) and in case of emergencies or other urgent information.


  1. What is the best way for parents to communicate with teachers?

We encourage all parents and student to communicate with their teachers using email. Please feel free to email Steve or Erin if you are unable to get in touch with any of your teachers via email. Please email Liz Morales ( to report student absences. Emails to Steve and Erin will generally be returned the same day, and phone calls will usually be returned within 24 hours (except on weekends).


  1. How can my son/daughter get their Da Vinci email password reset?

If your son or daughter loses their password or is unable to log in to their Da Vinci email, they can go to the Innovation Lab during office hours and one of the tech assistants will re-set their password for them.


  1. How can I log in to Powerschool?

Go to and use the username and password that has been provided to you. Should you lose this password, you can email Steve at to have it reset.


  1. How can I add money to or check the balance on my student’s lunch account?

Visit for this. For questions about the Mealtime program or to reset your password, please contact Sara Deulofeu at


  1. How do office hours work? Are they mandatory?

Office hours are optional extra-help periods offered by teachers from 8-8:50. Teachers hold office hours twice per week, usually Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Students must arrive before 8:15 to be admitted for office hours. Some students will be required to attend office hours as part of an academic improvement plan.


  1. What are the consequences for students being late to class or out of dress code?

Students who are late to any class period more than once in a week or who are out of dress code any time during the week are required to serve an hour of detention before school on Friday morning. (Students automatically earn detention for being late on Friday mornings.) Detention consists of washing tables in classrooms and on campus.