Critical Incident Exercises Complete

Dear DVS Families,

Your students did a phenomenal job with today’s critical incident exercises. Our school actually completed two separate lockdown drills – one which turned out to be a false alarm, and one which was initiated by the Hawthorne Police Department.

The students and staff were excellent – they did a fantastic job spreading the word of the lockdown, getting into rooms and barricading the doors and practicing being silent and safe as the police went from room to room checking the barricades and talking to the students.

We were also fortunate to have the El Segundo Police Department join with the Hawthorne Police department for this drill so that they can continue our practice of running this drill in future years when our campus is in El Segundo.

I encourage you to talk with your children this evening about what they experienced and what they learned today. These scary incidents happen in the workplace more often than they do at schools, and they can share some important things with you for you to take to your workplace!

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