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DVS Week 30 Roundup & Week 31 Preview

We had a fantastic first week back from spring break and were thrilled to have over 300 students join us on campus this week as part of their academic program, reconnecting with their teachers, academic coaches, counselors, and each other!

Our week 31 on-campus schedule can be viewed here – as a reminder, students participating in on-campus activities should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled start times having already completed this Health Screening Check-in link. All students participating in on-campus activities are invited to take a free “grab & go” lunch and are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them.

Our athletics programs also ramping up and I encourage you to check out and bookmark our athletics website ( and email our interim athletic director Tori Grafeman if you have any questions about our sports program.

Finally, our “Office Hours with Steve & Grace” continue on every Wednesday evening from 5-6 pm at this Zoom link and you are always invited to join us to ask your questions and share your thoughts and ideas!

Sign up for SpaceX Lunch + Learn TOMORROW (April 16th)


Roles at SpaceX – hear from various SpaceX employees about their job

WHEN: Friday, April 16th 11:30am-12:30pm


  • Will be held via Zoom 
  • Open to all grade levels
  • Interested?  RSVP for the event here by 8am on Friday, April 16th and you’ll be sent the Zoom link via the email you share on the form.

Questions or Concerns?  

Contact Natasha Morrison, Director of Real World Learning, at 

California Higher Education Leaders Present: Black Student Success Week, April 26-30, 2021

Good moring! We would like to share an opportunity for senior students to participate in Black Student Success Week, were presenters will share insights and innovative approaches for improving success among Black and African American students at California Community Colleges. During the week of April 26-30th from 12pm-1pm, The Black Hour will address the following topics:

Monday, April 26 – Follow the Money: Unapologetically Supporting Black Students
Tuesday, April 27 – The Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Journey for African American Students
Wednesday, April 28 – Black Leadership in Higher Education
Thursday, April 29 – Legislative Briefing and Advocacy Day
Friday, April 30 – Faculty Diversity

For registration:

For more information and updates Black Student Success Week, you can follow @cablackstudents on Twitter and Instagram

Summer Internships

Hi Da Vinci Students and Families,

We are excited to offer internship opportunities and career experiences this summer! Due to the ongoing pandemic, most internships will continue to be remote.  Companies are still determining how/when to bring their full-time staff back to in-person work, therefore are unable to host interns onsite. Please see below and keep an eye out for application updates/timelines.

Summer Career Development Options:

(Students will receive 5 summer school credits for any of these options)

  • Internship through the LA Chamber of Commerce Bixel Exchange LA Tech Talent Pipeline: Apply for an internship through this incredible program by June 15th.  They have internship positions (paid and unpaid; virtual and in-person) at companies like Snapchat, Verizon Wireless, Kaiser Permanente, and Boingo Wireless. Find out more information and apply HERE.  If you are admitted, please email Natasha so she can add you to the internship summer school programming.
  • CoLabL Talent Accelerator (Project Consultancy): Students will work with a team of other Da Vinci students and corporate mentors on several real projects aligned to employer and industry needs alongside ​CoLabL​ Talent Accelerator. The project consultancies will run from July 6th-August 6th and be 5-10 hours/week of work.  
  • Outside internship: Are you able to secure your own internship (this can be in-person or remote)?  Let Natasha know so she can make sure you earn summer school credit for it!  She will verify with the employer and onboard you onto the Da Vinci summer internship programming.

Other details:

    • Open to all grade levels, but students are expected to communicate with industry partners and Natasha independent of parents/guardian.  Students should communicate promptly and professionally via email.
    • All students applying for project consultancies or Bixel Exchange internships must have an up-to-date, error-free resume. You can view resume resources here
    • Application review will include a historical grades review

Questions or Concerns?  Reach out to Natasha Morrison, Dir. of Real World Learning, at

Week 30 On-Campus Schedule

We are so excited to welcome students back to campus this week! Our on-campus weekly schedule is shown here.

DVS On-Campus Instructional Activities Schedule for Week 30. Students should arrive to campus 15 minutes before the indicated start times, and depart from the campus at the end of their scheduled activity.

For students participating in on-campus activities, please arrive to campus having already completed this Facilitron Health Screening Check-in link. (I recommend you bookmark this link, as you will use this same link every day that you come onto campus from April – June 2021). We will have a Chromebook available for you to use, but we ask that you bring your own Chromebook or laptop and charger with you if you can.

When you arrive, you’ll come to the front door, show us the big green check mark that you’ll receive upon completing the health screening, and have your temperature taken with a scanner prior to coming up to the second floor. We’ll be here waiting to show you where to go!

If you have not already done so, please be sure to watch the video presentation and view the slide deck which include important information about:  

  • Health Checks via Facilitron. Health Checks are only to be completed on days when your student is scheduled to be on campus. >> Detailed instructions
  • Temperature Checks
  • Face Coverings
  • Maps of the 201 Campus and Del Aire Campus (Connect TK-8) showing the drop-off and pick-up routes, and the entrances that students will use to access their school

We can’t wait to begin welcoming our students back!!!

Free Braces

Just for Kids!

(Qualified by State Scale)

Who qualifies?

Any person without insurance, no proof of Immigration status needed
Medi- Cal: California residents  
California residents, low income, no proof of Immigration status needed  
California residents, low income, no proof of Immigration status needed  
What services are provided?

   Braces (Orthodontic care)

What is the cost?

   Free! No cost for braces for qualified participants

For more information, please call:

Hawthorne Dental & Braces

(310) 973-6428



(Calificados por la escala de el Estado)


Cualquier persona sin seguro dental, no importa su situacion migratoria

Medi-Cal:                        Residentes de California

Healthy Families:            Residentes de California, bajos recursos,

                                                            No necesita pruebas migratorias

Healthy Kids:                  Residentes de California, bajos recursos,

                                                            No necesita pruebas migratorias

  • Frenos (Cuidado de Ortodoncia)
  • Gratis! No hay costo para los ninos que califiquen

Para mas informacion, por favor llame a:

Hawthorne Dental & Braces(310) 973-6428

Da Vinci Extension Information Session

The DVX College and Career program gives Da Vinci students access to:
● FREE College (including tuition and fees, books and materials, laptop)
● FREE classes through UCLA Extension and El Camino College to
complete general ed requirements, or AA and BA degree offerings
through SNHU with support from DVX Mentors and Counselors
● Real world resume-building opportunities through internships, project
consultations, and seminars

Upcoming Family Info Nights
Zoom Link
April 1st [5:30-6:30pm]
May 6th [5:30-6:30pm]

To learn more about DVX, visit:
For questions, contact Sylvia Soria at

DVS Spring Break & Return to Campus Info

We are all thrilled to be welcoming students back to campus beginning the week of April 12th after a much-needed Spring Break! For DVS, our on-campus weekly schedule beginning April 12th is shown here.

DVS On-Campus Instructional Activities Schedule for Week 30.
Students should arrive to campus 15 minutes before the indicated start times.

Following the professional development day on Monday 4/12, our virtual instruction schedule for week 30 will continue as usual. Families whose students are scheduled for on-campus instructional activities will be receiving an email from the Da Vinci Schools Central Office with all the details regarding our on-campus health and safety procedures and protocols.

On behalf of all the DVS staff, I hope that your families have a restful and safe spring break, and we can’t wait to begin welcoming students back on campus the following week!!

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