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Yearbook Deadline Approaching

Attention Parents! The yearbook team is working hard to meet its deadline, so that means your window of buying a yearbook ad space for your child is quickly closing. Go to now to design and buy your personal ad now. Prices are $25 (quarter of a page), $50 (half a page), and $100 (full page). The deadline is March 15th.

Cap and Gown Portraits: Last Call

This message is for families of seniors.

This Friday, February 22nd will be the last day that our photographer (Stacee Lianna) will be taking cap and gown photos for the yearbook. She will be set up in the Black Box Theater from 8:30 – 9:45am on Friday, 2/22 for any seniors who have yet to take their cap and gown photo or for any seniors who’d like a retake. This will be the final opportunity to have a cap and gown photograph taken by our photographer. Please email Erin at if you have any questions.

11th Grade College Planning Meetings

Hi DVS Families!

This information is for the families of 11th grade students.

It’s time to sign up for your 11th grade College Planning Meeting with your student’s counselor! College Planning Meetings begin on Monday, February 25th. We ask you to please make time to attend this important informational meeting regarding the steps your family will need to take in order to plan for the transition to college. Come with your questions! If you are unable to make any of the dates and times listed, please contact your counselor with your availability. If you’d like to speak to someone in Spanish, please also contact your student’s counselor.

Please sign up at the links below, paying careful attention to sign up only at the link that corresponds with the last name of your student.

Thank you!


Mrs. Corinne Valle (last names A-F) email:


Ms. Carolyn Ruiz (last names G-M) email:      


Mrs. Francisca Rodriguez (last names N-Z) email:       



PSAT & SAT with Essay on Wednesday, March 27

Hi DVS Families!

The following information is for families of 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

On Wednesday, March 27th, Da Vinci Science will administer the following tests:

  • PSAT 9 for 9th graders
  • PSAT 10 for 10th graders
  • SAT with Essay for 11th graders

For 9th and 10th graders: Da Vinci Science will pay for the cost of the PSAT for both 9th and 10th grades, so there is no payment required and all students are currently signed up for the test. Also, school will begin at regular time that day – 8:40am. There will not be office hours on this day. If you would like your student to opt-out of this test, please contact Erin D’Souza at

For 11th graders: Students will have the opportunity to take the SAT with Essay here at DVS. This is a special opportunity because students will get to take the test at their own school and in classrooms they’re familiar with on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday. All students will be signed up to take the SAT with Essay here at DVS on this date. Students will complete the registration information during one of their regular classes, so students don’t need to go online or sign up anywhere. The test will begin at 7:40am, so it is important that students make arrangements to get to school before 7:40am on Wednesday, March 27th. If you would like your student to opt-out of this test, please contact Erin D’Souza at The cost of the SAT with Essay is $64.50, and we ask students or parents to pay this amount to Brittany Alvarez at the front office. The best time to pay is between 8:00am and 8:40am Monday through Thursday. Brittany is not available after 3:30pm, so it’s best to pay before school if possible. Brittany will accept cash, checks payable to Da Vinci Schools, or credit cards. Credit card payments incur a 2.75% fee, so the cost of the test will be 2.75% higher if you pay with a credit card. Students who currently receive free or reduced meals are not required to pay for this test. Fee waivers are not required for this administration. Questions regarding payment should be directed to Brittany at

If you have any questions regarding the administration of the PSAT or SAT School Day, please contact Erin at


SAT School Day Information for Parents

SAT School Day Info for Parents (Spanish)


Hi DVS Families,

Students can earn honors in select courses through successful completion of a midterm and final exam. Please see attached form for more details, including requirements, course offerings, and exam dates. Students who wish to pursue honors should complete the attached form, which requires a parent signature. Students attempting four or more honors courses are also required to meet with their counselor and obtain a signature from the counselor.

All students who earned honors in a course during first semester are strongly encouraged to pursue honors in the same course during second semester. Please email me ( or Steve ( or call the school if you have questions. Thank you!

Honors Requirements – Season 10 – S2

Sexual Education for 9th Grade: Opt-Out Reminder

On Tuesday February 5th, 9th grade Da Vinci Science High School students will have the opportunity to see a dramatic performance entitled “What Goes Around.”  This performance is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. The play tells the story of five students and how their behavior and connections to each other also connect them to other people who are unknown to them.  The play uses visual monitors, text messaging, cellular and computer technology to better reach its audience and to clearly illustrate its message: there are epidemic rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the high school age group.

“What Goes Around” provides health information about STDs in a topical way.  Students hear the facts and myths about STDs and see how the choices they make have a lasting impact on the lives of other people. The 60 minute play is followed by a 15 minute response session in which the actor-educators answer audience questions about sexually transmitted diseases.  The key message points of “What Goes Around” are:

  • The option of abstinence
  • The importance of testing
  • Prevention

Because the play involves sexual education, it is necessary that each parent/guardian know they can “opt out”. Any student not attending the assembly will be assigned to an alternate location for the duration of the play on Tuesday, February 5th.

For more information about the play you can visit their website: and/or view the Program information sheet:

If you wish your student to “opt out” of participating in the play, please submit a written note or email to the front office, by Friday February 1st, 2019.

Sports Tryouts Next Week

Interested in participating in one of our Spring Sports? Boys Volleyball, Baseball, Softball and Swim team are all hosting tryouts in mid- January. Below you will find all spring sport tryout dates and locations.

Please visit

And click on ‘Athletics Interest Form’. Fill out the info and we will send you and your parents updates on team schedules, athletic clearance notifications, special events, and more.

Interested in finding the team schedule, stats and records? Starting January you can find that information on the Maxpreps link.










Swim Tryouts will be held on January 15-17th from 4:30-6: 00 PM with Coach Hannouche and Coach Muratalla.

Softball Tryouts will be held at Del Aire Park January 14th-16th from 4:30-6: 00 PM with Coach Doug Cowgill

Baseball Tryouts will be held at Del Aire Park January 18th-20th from 4:30PM-6: 00 PM with Coach Glenn Noya

Boys Volleyball Tryouts will be held at Dana Middle School January 15th-17th from 5:00 – 7:00 PM with Coach Korey Hlaudy & Coach Jamie Larson

Archery Team – Please check with Coach Siri and Coach Sullivan

Alumni Event on Thursday, 12/20

On Thursday, December 20th (9:00-11:00 am), DVS alumni will be participating in Alumni Panel Talks with our 9th-12th grade students! The alumni are excited to share information about the colleges they are attending/graduated from, advice about how to be successful at DVS, the ways to best prepare for college, and answer any questions from our students. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to hear from DVS alumni who have been in their shoes! If your student has questions, we’d love to share with the alumni in advance – please contribute questions at If your student is in the afternoon POL session and would like to attend, or if you have any further questions, please email our alumni mentor, Katie Kondo, at

Tuesday, April 24th: PSAT, SAT, and Senior Beach Day

On Tuesday, April 24th, DVS will be administering the PSAT 9 to all 9th graders and the PSAT 10 to all 10th graders. These tests are age-appropriate and shorter versions of the SAT. The SAT is a college entrance exam that students will be expected to take if they plan to enroll in a 4-year college after graduation. Results from the PSAT 9 and PSAT 10 can help families prepare for the SAT exam in the 11th grade. All 9th and 10th grade students are expected to take the exams, and the cost of these exams is covered by DVS.

For the first time ever, DVS is offering 11th graders the chance to take the SAT here at school. The benefit to this is that students get to take the exam in their own classrooms with their own teachers as a part of the regular school day. The cost for this exam is $60 per student, and the only thing students need to do to register to take the test is pay the $60 to the front office between now and testing day. If a student is eligible for free or reduced lunch, the school will use a fee waiver to cover the cost of the testing.

While the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are testing, the 12th graders will be enjoying the annual DVS tradition of Senior Beach Day. The buses for this event will leave the school at 9am, and DVS pays for the transportation cost of this special celebratory field trip.

If you have questions about any of these events, please email Erin D’Souza at

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