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1st Semester Honor Roll

CONGRATULATIONS to the 159 DVS students who earned a spot on the honor roll for earning a GPA of over 3.5 (honors) or over 3.7 (high honors) in 1st semester! We know that DVS is a rigorous school and much is expected of our students, and earning a spot on the honor roll is a tremendous accomplishment! (Some students received their certificates today in advisory, and the rest will receive theirs on Monday.) Keep up the great work!!


Maximillian Adams
Isabelle Aguirre
Cole Aitken
Marianne Arriola Romero
Xavier Ballard
Benjamin Banuelos
Damon Cawthon
Marie Cervantes
Cassidy Christy
Lana Cowell
Emma Enriquez
Emiliano Franco
Melanie Franco
Faizah Giwa
Adrian James Gungap
Anaya Harrison
Muhammad Imran
Tiara Jackson
Daliyah Jimenez
Franki Johnson
Haziel Ulises Juarez-Alvarado
Jeffrey Lieu
Isaias Martin Navarro
Kiana Mosley
Natalie Motter
Safiyah Muhammad
Thalia Nguyen
Deborah Recinos
Brenda Renteria
Julian Rosales Ceniceros
David Salazar
Bethany Lei Sandoval
Jack Seversen
Rishik Shinh
Ayman Suliman
Jeremy Szkolnik
Adrienne Walker
Melia Wilson

High Honors:

Rena Abdella
Faizah Ahmed
Jasmine Arredondo
Victoria Ayala
Richard Baker
Tensaye Ballard
Rufus Banks
Matthew Banuelos
Brianna Barba
Joseph Beard
Diego Blanco
Sebastian Bravo
Roberto Canales
Jose Carde
Bryce Carnival
Alyssa Carrera
Valeria Castellanos-Maravilla
Cristian Castillo
Trinity Cauton
Selene Cervantes
Aidan Cessor
Noah Chan
Michael Consolazio
Emilia Cordova
Sophia Cruz
Patrick Dass
Nicholas Dass
Carisma De Anda
Julianne De La Torre
Amanda Escolero
Nurul'Ansar Fatani
Harrison Fischer-Huber
Andrew Garcia
Gina Garibay
Rowan Glenn
Sophia Gutierrez
Emma Gutierrez
Adeline Hall
Andrew Harrison
Miskah Hashim
Sebastian Hawn
Sophia Henriquez
Mateo Hernandez
Thomas Howard
Alyssa Hubler
Brady Hubler
Karylle Gabrielle Ilao
Thomas Jaskol
Karling Jennings
Benjamin Johnson
Kristine Johnson
Philip Johnson
Shelsey Juarez
Katherine Juarez-Borja
Ayah Kashkoul
Austin Kehl
Kristof Lantos
Maegan Lind
Savannah Lopez
Abbie Lopez
KayYumi Lorenzo
Kan Niya Lorenzo
Lane Ludwig
Kai Lyou
Miguel Ernesto Maglabe
Mahaley Mahe
Jorge Malena
Abigail Manalang
Sofia Manalang
Marco Marsella
Sabrina Matthias
Anthony Mazzotta
Eric Molina
Sofia Moreno
Olivia Nguyen
Annette Nguyen
Calvin Nitsos
Matthew Ochoa
Chiamaka Offokansi
Melanie Janell Olivares
Christian Ong
Brenda Ortega
Alana Ortiz
Joshua Oulashian
April Owens
Xzavier Padilla
Logan Padilla
Rocio Pajuelo-Lopez
Kaitlyn Pham
Jet Pham
Karina Ramirez
Leila Ramos
Kayleigh Rampen
Nicholas Rendon
Matthew Riley
Sofia Rodriguez
Karina Roman
Annette Ruiz
Karen Sanchez
Miles Schubert
Matthaeus Schulz
Nathaniel Seekins
Monica Shinh
Jayden Silvers
Marc Daniel Soriano
Maiah Soriano
Aidan Steins
Calliope Straeter
Sama Suliman
Katherine Taylor
William Thatcher
Kyira Todmia
Nicholas Trobaugh
Haley Tully
Fortune Udoh
David Uehara
Jonathan Valencia
David Villalpando
Maya Waller
Russell Wong
Nicole Yeh

Da Vinci Schools Families Connected: Health & Wellness Resources at Your Fingertips

families-connected Did you know that Da Vinci Schools and South Bay Families Connected have joined forces to bring health and wellness resources to our Da Vinci students and families? We invite students, families, caregivers and anyone committed to helping youth thrive to check out the Da Vinci Schools Families Connected website where there is an abundance of free articles, resources, blog posts, and videos on a wide range of topics, including Social-Emotional Wellness, Mindful Parenting, Substance Abuse Prevention, Depression & Mental Health Challenges, College Admissions Stress, Grief, Suicide Prevention, and more. (The Da Vinci Schools Families Connected website can be accessed on our Da Vinci Schools website under the Resources tab.) Families Connected also hosts a popular speaker series in the South Bay, free parenting workshops, support groups, and weekly parent chats. Some recent topics have included How to Be a Good Friend: Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Peer Relationships; Under Pressure: Stress Resilience When the Stakes Are High; and Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults. Get health and wellness resources and support delivered right to your inbox by signing up here to receive the Families Connected monthly e-newsletter. We are grateful for our partnership with South Bay Families Connected. Together, we are committed to helping youth thrive and stay on a healthy path to maturity.

9th grade families: Sex Ed-Health Curriculum and Kaiser Permanente STD Play

On Tuesday February 11th, 9th grade Da Vinci High School students will have the opportunity to see a dramatic performance entitled “What Goes Around.”  This performance is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. The play tells the story of five students and how their behavior and connections to each other also connect them to other people who are unknown to them.  The play uses visual monitors, text messaging, cellular and computer technology to better reach its audience and to clearly illustrate its message: there are epidemic rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the high school age group.

“What Goes Around” provides health information about STDs and students hear the facts and myths about STDs and see how the choices they make have a lasting impact on the lives of other people. The 60-minute play is followed by a 15 minute talkback session in which the actor-educators answer audience questions about sexually transmitted diseases.  The key message points of “What Goes Around” are:

  • The option of abstinence
  • The importance of testing
  • Prevention

For more information about the play you can visit their website:

Also happening in conjunction with this play are additional sex ed-health lessons/curriculum. Health lessons will occur in advisory throughout the second semester. Da Vinci Schools has adopted the Teen Talk curriculum which includes the below core components:

  • Covers topics of sexual and reproductive anatomy, conception and fetal development, birth control, pregnancy options, STIs and HIV, gender and sexual orientation, media analysis, relationships, sexual crimes, consent, communication and decision-making
  • Establishes a foundation for understanding sexual health and common language for communicating respectfully
  • Helps students identify resources (e.g., parents/trusted adults, school personnel, healthcare providers)
  • Encourages communication with parents/trusted adults, including an interview assignment
  • Uses gender inclusive language

More info on the curriculum used can be found here:

9th grade students will be given a hard copy of the following letter to take home today:  DVS Sexuality Education Parent Notification

Parents/guardians have the option of excluding their child from sexuality education instruction. If you do not want your child to participate in comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education, please give a written letter to the office. Students who are excused will be assigned study hall for the period. Questions can be directed to the School Nurse, Emily Green at 

Boeing Internship Informational Meeting – new date

There will be a mandatory Boeing Internship Informational meeting on Monday, March 2nd from 3:45pm-4:45pm. A Boeing representative will be here to talk through the program requirements and I’ll chat through the application requirements.  Students must attend with a parent/guardian in order to be considered for the internship. More details are in this PDF: Boeing Internship Info Meeting flyer 2020. This is an incredible opportunity open to 11th graders at DVS interested in engineering majors & careers!

Upcoming Free Events from The Princeton Review

Hello Students and Parents,

Here are some upcoming events that The Princeton Review are offering to students. These are great opportunities for students to practice taking the ACT or the SAT tests before taking the final one.

ACT Practice Test Princeton Review – Westwood Los Angeles 1/25/2020
SAT Practice Test University of Phoenix – Pasadena Pasadena 2/1/2020
SAT Practice Test The Princeton Review – Westlake Village Westlake Village 2/8/2020
ACT Practice Test Princeton Review – Westwood Los Angeles 2/9/2020
SAT Practice Test Princeton Review – Westwood Los Angeles 2/15/2020
ACT Practice Test The Princeton Review – Westlake Village Westlake Village 2/16/2020
SAT Practice Test The Princeton Review – Westlake Village Westlake Village 2/22/2020
SAT Practice Test The Princeton Review – Palos Verdes Palos Verdes 2/22/2020
ACT Practice Test Princeton Review – Westwood Los Angeles 2/23/2020
ACT Practice Test The Princeton Review – Westlake Village Westlake Village 2/29/2020
SAT Practice Test Princeton Review – Westwood Los Angeles 2/29/2020
SAT Practice Test University of Phoenix – Pasadena Pasadena 3/1/2020

Week 20 Schedule

We’ve had a terrific week at DVS this week, and are especially proud of our students who worked through the 3-day weekend in Youth & Government at their conference in Fresno, in Civil Engineering who put up the walls and roof of the Tinyhouse they’ve been designing, and on the FRC team as they prepare for their upcoming competitions!


We have a full 5-day week coming up next week: DVS week 20 schedule (S11)Week20

On Wednesday evening we hope you’ll join us at 6pm in the Da Vinci Black Box Theater for a free screening of “Autism Goes to College”. In this film, five diverse students on the autism spectrum take us into their lives and into their classrooms to show us how they’re making college work. Following the film screening, there will be a Q&A session available with Director Erik Linthorst. We hope that our Da Vinci and Wiseburn families will feel inspired, engaged, and connected through this event – if you can make it, please rsvp using this link!

I hope you have a terrific weekend!



School Site Council Meeting tomorrow

Dear DVS Families,

This is a reminder that our second School Site Council meeting will be tomorrow (Wednesday 1/22) from 4:00-5:00pm in the Galileo room at DVS. We will be discussing some of the changes we’ve made for 2ns semester, the results of the fall parent survey, and reviewing our school safety plan. The meeting is open to all and we hope to have a great parent turnout!

As always, thank you for all the ways in which you support our school family!


Week 19 Schedule

19-1 19-2

We had a terrific first week of the second semester, with students jumping back into their learning together with new projects and activities!

We have a 3-day weekend this weekend in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and we return on Tuesday, January 21st with the following schedule: DVS week 19 schedule (S11)

Next Wednesday, January 22nd, is an especially busy day at DVS, including a college fair for 11th graders during 4th period, our School Site Council meeting at 4:00pm in the Galileo room, and a FAFSA Night for 12th grade families at 5:00pm in the multipurpose room.

Week19 Week19DueDatesI hope you and your families have a restful weekend!




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