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ACT Prep Course Opportunity

DVS is hosting another after-school ACT Prep Course for its students (a $499 value) for only $99 per student!

All classes held on-campus at Da Vinci from 4:15pm to 5:45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practice exams are Saturdays on campus from 8am to 1:00pm.

View this flyer for details: DVScience Winter ACT Flyer

Space is limited. Go to and make sure to use the code “dvsfamily” at checkout for the discount.

Scholarships are available to students who are on free & reduced lunch. Please see Steve Wallis for details.

This Week in Athletics (Feb 4th – 8th)

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Hi DVS Families,

Students can earn honors in select courses through successful completion of a midterm and final exam. Please see attached form for more details, including requirements, course offerings, and exam dates. Students who wish to pursue honors should complete the attached form, which requires a parent signature. Students attempting four or more honors courses are also required to meet with their counselor and obtain a signature from the counselor.

All students who earned honors in a course during first semester are strongly encouraged to pursue honors in the same course during second semester. Please email me ( or Steve ( or call the school if you have questions. Thank you!

Honors Requirements – Season 10 – S2

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