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Week 12 Schedule

We have a regular schedule next week, with a Critical Incident Drill that will be run in conjunction with the Hawthorne Police Department on Thursday. Students will be discussing and preparing for a situation in which a threatening intruder comes on to campus. I encourage you to talk with your students about what they are learning about these situations in their advisory classes.

For Halloween on Monday, students are welcome to wear costumes but they must be appropriate (in both content and coverage), and no masks, weapon-like objects, or clown costumes are allowed on campus.

Lastly, students can now purchase your tickets ($15) for the Fall Semi-Formal Dance this week! The theme this fall is “Red Carpet Ready” and it will be held at the Lawndale Community Center from 7:00-10:00 pm.

DVS Week 12 Schedule week12

Week 10 Schedule

This is a short week, with a Professional Development day on Friday. Boys’ and Girls’ basketball signups take place today in Mr. P.’s room at lunch, and there is a DV School Board Meeting tonight at 6pm. This week also begins the next advisory unit on “life skills” – details are in the attached schedule: DVS Week 10 Scheduleweek10

Week 9 Schedule

Next Week is Spirit Week! If students are dressed up in spirit day wear, they do no have to wear a collared shirt, but the rest of the dress code still applies. The spirit day themes are listed in the DVS Week 9 Schedule.

We return to a normal schedule next week, with the return of both office hours and seminars. This is the time for them to follow through on the steps of their action plans from SLCs – and they can always sign up for free after-school tutoring at 

Have a terrific weekend!


Vow to Drive Sober Presentation

On Friday, October 7th, there will be a special presentation for 11th and 12th grade students on drinking and driving. The name of the presentation is Vow to Drive Sober, and here is an overview:

Cari Fonseca is the CEO/Founder of The Next Step Foundation Team Brandon, a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix, AZ. She is the mother of a son who made a poor choice 15 years ago to drink and drive at the young age of 21. That choice not only took the life of his best friend but left Brandon with a severe traumatic brain injury and completely dependent on his mom for all his needs. She and Brandon (in his wheelchair) travel to schools all over the country speaking out on the life-altering effects of drinking and driving, hoping their story will save lives!

They never charge for their presentations but rely on donations to keep their foundation going. If you are interested in making a donation to their foundation, please see the details on the flyer linked below.


Important Announcement

Dear DVS Families, I wanted to let you know that there was an Instagram page created sometime on Monday called “South Bay Clowns”, imitating something that started in South Carolina a few weeks ago, that shows images of 6 south bay high schools (DV’s logo is shown, but no photos) in what appears to be some sort of threat.

I became aware of it yesterday morning and, together with the other DV Principals, contacted Instagram to report the page as being in violation of their user policy to have it removed, and the Hawthorne Police Department. I also met with two HPD officers at our campus and they told me they were aware of the website and, though they did not feel it was a credible or specific threat, assured us they (along with the other beach cities police departments) would be stepping up their presence and patrol of their school campuses. They will also keep us informed of any new information they receive.

We will continue to doing all I can to keep you informed and our kids safe to learn here!