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Presentations of Learning Begin Today!

Presentations of Learning begin today! We can’t wait to see whose names will be added to the permanent achievement plaques!

DVS POL 4.0 4 years DVS POL 4.0 (2016)

You can see the program, including the schedule for seniors’ research presentation topics, here: POL Program Spring 2016

As a reminder, parents are expected to attend POLs. Please make sure to sign in at when you come to support and listen to your student!

Week 36 Schedule

Presentations of Learning start on Thursday of next week! Please make arrangements to attend at least one the two presentations your student will be giving to hear them talk about their learning, growth and mastery of the course concepts and the 21st Century Skills. The best way you can help them prepare for their POL is to be an audience for them to practice!

The deadline for all student work submission is next Friday (5/27) at 4:00pm. Work submitted after this time will not be evaluated or considered as mastery evidence.

On POL days, students are expected to attend either from 8am-noon, or noon-4pm. Supervision will only be provided each day for students during their assigned session (AM or PM). DVS week 36 schedule


Week 33 Schedule & Information

Week 33 is Teacher Appreciation Week! If you could take a few minutes to write notes of thanks to the teachers who have supported your kids, it would be a terrific encouragement to our teachers. You can drop them off at the front office or send them in with your student. Thank you!

This is the last week of seminars before POL prep begins. POL Signup times go live on Wednesday evening, and students do not have school on Friday.

DVS week 33 schedule Week33

Coming up on May 15 is a notice of public hearing for the Southwest SELPA Annual Service Plan and Annual Budget Plan. Details can be found here: Notice of Public Hearing – Southwest SELPA Annual Service Plan and Annual Budget Plan for 2016-2017

notice of public hearing (Eng)

notice of public hearing (Span)