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DVS Robotics Team Going to World Championships!

We are excited and proud to announce that Team 4201, The Vitruvian Bots of Da Vinci Science High School, has qualified for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, April 22-25! They competed in the Ventura Regional Competition this weekend, and won more awards than any other team there:

  • Regional Finalist Award, for making the finals as the first place team. They ended the competition in 2nd place, after a very close pair of exciting matches.
  • Dean’s List Finalist Award to Maleko Bravo, a junior who is working with his sister’s Girl Scout troop to introduce them to robotics. Maleko will be eligible for the national Dean’s List Award at St. Louis (won by senior Tony Stuart last year).
  • Industrial Design Award, sponsored by General Motors. This award is a true testament to the power and quality of Da Vinci Science. The CAD work required for this robot to succeed was complex and challenging — our students never could have done it without the solid engineering design foundation provided by our Project Lead the Way classes.
  • Sophomore Kelly Crabtree was selected to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in opening ceremonies!

You will see them around campus at Exhibition Night tomorrow, proudly wearing their green team polo shirts with red ribbon medals around their necks. We are all very proud of them and if you would like to make a small donation to help cover the cost of their airfare, their fundraising link is


State of the Schools Address tonight @ DVS

Dr. Matt Wunder, CEO of Da Vinci Schools, will be presenting the annual State of the Schools address this evening at the Forum at the Da Vinci Science campus. Come join other Da Vinci community members to hear about the present and future of Da Vinci!

State of the Schools
Tuesday, March 24th 6:00pm to 7:15pm
Da Vinci Science Forum

Helicopter Activity Around DVS Today

Hi DVS Families! This afternoon, we called for a non-emergency lockdown when low-flying helicopters from the Hawthorne Police Department were near our campus. There was never a threat to our campus, but a suspicious person was reported at Dana Middle School and we are fortunate to have a responsive police department who takes any concern on a school campus very seriously. The non-emergency lockdown lasted approximately ten minutes. As always, our students did great! They took the lockdown seriously and quickly went into classrooms. We are thankful to have such wonderful students here at DVS!

Please be aware of “Burnbook” app

Dear DVS Families, it came to our attention over the weekend that there is a new app out called “Burnbook” that is designed to allow users to anonymously join “communities” – which they have set up for virtually all of the high schools in the geographic area of the user – and make posts anonymously. Because it is anonymous, people can join the group for any school, and write posts about people in that school, whether they attend that school or not. Of course, the site is designed to facilitate and even encourage bullying, despite their own user agreement that users must be 18 and must not engage in bullying. (It should also be noted that the posts are not truly anonymous, as someone who posted a threat in Lawndale High’s Burnbook group last week was traced and arrested by the police.)

Attached is a letter that I shared with all of our students in advisory today, and I’m asking you to speak with your kids tonight about this app specifically, and about “anonymous” online programs generally, and to be wise about what they download onto their electronic devices and thoughtful about what they post online, regardless of whether or not they believe it to be “anonymous”.

Thank you,

burnbook letter (SW)

Week 28 Schedule

Hello, families! Here is next week’s schedule. (only 10 weeks left of school for this year! Can you believe it?!?)

If you didn’t take the parent survey yet, I would appreciate it if you would take 3 minutes to share your thoughts with us:

And if you attended your child’s SLC this week but did not check in, here is the link for you to do so:

Have a terrific weekend!

DVS week 28 schedule Week28

11th Grade Spring Family College Meeting signup is now open

Dear Parents of 11th Grade students: the sign-up for your family’s spring family college meeting is now up!  In this meeting, you and your child will meet with the college counselors to review transcripts & college admissions testing plans, learn about the college admissions requirements & process for private universities, Cal State Universities and UCs, and discuss scholarships. This is a big one-we hope to see you all there!!

Here’s the link to sign up:

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